9 Keys to Decision Making in Teams

1. Know Customer and their needs.

If, as a team, we do not understand and appreciate our customers' needs, we will struggle to reach an effective decision. What is the goal? Why are we faced with this decision?

2. Define principles.

Without a thorough commitment to core values our decisions will lack credibility.

3. Clarify roles & responsibilities.

Engage every team member and leverage their strengths.

4. Agree on process.

Without effective process, consensous is temporary at best and our ability to persist to a complete decision is hindered.

5. Prioritize problems and opportunities

If we don't set team priorities, our actions may be effective but our results will probably fall short.

6. Check actions against principles.

Without consistency and credibility, our team can't bring others along.

7. Evaluate results and refine process.

Are your outcomes as expected? Why or why not? Objectivity without placing blame!

8. Continuous improvement.

Forward motion is critcal. Persistence pays!

9. Recognition of contribution.

It is the individual effort that produces the team result.

Copyright ACT UP, Inc. 2002

Take Action!

Within the next week, list five actions you have taken that demonstrate your personal ownership of professional growth and security. Your own and that of your employees.

Within the next two weeks, evaluate your list for effectiveness. Are you getting positive results from your actions?

Within the next three weeks, focus on the actions that are getting positive results, eliminate the actions that aren’t, and replace them with actions that will take you where you want to go!

Reflect with your coach. Don’t have a coach? Get one!